Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day at the Lake

Fun on the tube!!

Can you say BOATDRIVER???

Friends Forever!!!!
Just call me SHARK BOY!!!!!

Jimmy and I have always loved boating and enjoying our local lake or any lake for that matter. Jimmy has had his/our boat for twenty years now and me for eighteen.(I think he is more attached to the boat HA! ) We have not gotten to enjoy the lake as much since we started having kids, but we are now finding that it is getting a little easier as the kids are getting older. This summer has been great and it has been so nice to hang out with friends and let the kids swim, tube, and play. Also packing up a little lunch with the help of the in-laws has been great also. So while we are waiting for the weekend lake trip to come around again, I thought I would look back on this last weekend fun!!!!ENJOY!!!!

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