Thursday, October 29, 2009

-Trick or Treat-

Trick or Treating has always been great in our small town.  Everybody knows each other and wants to see all the ghosts and goblins.  Also a lot of the local community churches participate in "Trunk or Treat"--this is where everyone gathers @ the church or a local park and decorates their trunk for Halloween and the kids go from car to car to get candy.  Sometimes the churches even have chili suppers, games, and fellowship!  You can imagine with 3 kids how much candy we get---and most of it we do not need HA!  We have so much fun on Halloween, and I am glad this year it falls on Saturday--however there is a chance of rain so I hope it is not to yucky! Boo!!  This week over @ Kelly's Korner she is hosting Halloween Costumes--past and present, so I decided to share some pictures of my kids and their costumes!

Halloween 2007
Andrea as a cowgirl, Sarah as Hannah Montana, and Nate as a cowboy!
This seems like just the other day!  Sigh!!!

Halloween 2008

When I grow up I am going to be a fire-fighter!  That is all Nate talks about!

Little Miss Andrea loves to be in the kitchen, so she decided to be a chef!
Costume was $1.00--I added a little flour to her face--she loved it!

This girl wanted to be a "HIPPIE" and here is what we came up with!

*Here is a preview of 2009*

Nate has watched Peter Pan several times, so that is what he wanted to be!
A close friend had this costume and let us borrow it--thanks Mel!

Andrea had the idea to be a baby and this is what we created!

Big Sis--wanted to dress like she is at a sleepover!
I think for Halloween we will put her hair up in rollers! HA!

Happy Halloween!!
Thanks for stopping by and have a safe night!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall Decorations @ Nana and Pop's

This week over @ Kelly's Korner she is hosting "Show us your Life--Fall Decorations"  I took a sneak over to my mom and dad's house (Nana and Pop) to get a few snapshots of thier pretty decor!  Nana, as the 8 grandkids call her--loves hosting, cooking, decorating, planning, entertaining, taking care of her home, all things most southern women do etc.--and she keeps Pop pretty busy with the honey-do list! HA!  I hope you enjoy their fall decor, I know the grandkids do:)

These urns are on each side of the garage--love the monogramming!

BOO!!  The kids love this one!

Pumpkins of all shapes, colors, and sizes

Gotta have mums and pansies

They have planted these pansies in the landscaping, the best part is they will usually last all winter.

This is on each side of the front porch---Beautiful!!

Another favorite of the grandchildren--They can't wait to Trick or Treat!

by the front door to greet you:)  CUTE!!

I hope you enjoyed visiting---I thought mom had a lot more going on at her house than I did.  We have a few pumpkins and a fall wreath and that is about it!!  Next year maybe I will do better!  See ya next week, when we get to share halloween costumes!!  Have a nice weekend---we love this time of year!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

About Me

Since I have never written anything on my complete profile, I thought it would be neat to participate in the blog hop going on and introduce and welcome you all to my blog. 

Leigh Ann (nicknamed "BUFFY" many years ago by my older sister)
I am a child of GOD, daughter, sister, wife, and mother.  I have been a nurse for 13 years and worked in a hospital until about a year ago I changed paths to be with our kids more:)  I am currently working in the school systems with special needs children and love the schedule, however I do miss nursing.  I have been following some blogs for 2 years now, and have always wanted to start my own.  So in July 2009 it all began and I love it.  I am using this to help journal our busy life and keep up with our memories. 

I have been married for nearly 13 years to the greatest guy I know!  He is self-employed, running his own construction business.  We have a lot in common and both come from big families!  We enjoy being involved with our kids, going to church, being outside, going to the lake, NASCAR, Kentucky Basketball, most all sports, being with friends and family!  We try to have fun in whatever we are doing:)

We have been blessed with 3 kiddos that keep us very busy while we are having the time of our life!

Welcome to this "Party of Five" and thanks for hopping by!

MckLinky Blog Hop

Monday, October 19, 2009

My Favorite Show

Just wondering if any of you are watching---ABC's show "CASTLE"?  I am lovin' this show---I love Monday nights and getting the kids in bed, because that means I get to enjoy this show all to myself and the dear husband has even started watching with me:)  Around hear with this "Party of Five" mom is the low man for getting the remote control, so it feels good to have a show I can watch and love.  Don't get me wrong I watch plenty of shows with the kids and husband but Monday nights are mine:)  It is almost that time---I am lovin the characters chemistry, it kinda reminds me of "Moonlighting" that I watched with my dad years ago.  I also watched "Cagney and Lacey" and "Murder She Wrote"  gotta love these shows from the 80's.  Have a great week everyone, I am going to watch a little T.V. before bedtime!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall Break Fun

We enjoyed a 4 day trip to The Smoky Mountains in Tennessee for our Fall Break.  This was a last minute trip we decided to take.  The kids were so excited and we were too.  It had been 5 years since we had been there last, and we used to go there every year.  We met 2 other couples and their children, for a total of 14 people staying in a cabin up on the mountain.  It was so nice to get away and spend time with some of our best friends.  Our cabin was really nice and we saved money by cooking all our meals there (our friends Leah and Sheila love to cook) YUM!!!  We stayed at the cabin a lot and just relaxed, visited and let the kids play.  We spent one full day traveling through Cades Cove, which is some of the most beautiful land I have ever seen.  We also went on a hike on one of the trails there, that was close to 2 miles all together.  We saw a lot of deer and turkey :) but no cute little bears (maybe next time)!  We couldn't finish the trip without a stop @ The Apple Barn!  This is a great place for everyone in the family.  The kids like the candy and ice cream shop--so did the grown ups (apple cobbler with vanilla ice cream YUM!!)  I love the Christmas shop (I got a Christmas ornament to remember our trip, and a candle that smells oh--so good (macintosh apple).  We usually eat @ the Apple Barn farmhouse restaurant, but didn't because of the crowd---I guess we will have to go back for that!  I am going to share some of our pictures---my kids are in a stage right now where they don't want to be beside each other and smile for the camera UGHH!!!  After many battles I got a few good pictures of them, but not as many as I had hoped.  So enjoy our memories:)

A room with a view

Here is our cabin we stayed in

Don't let the smiles fool ya!


I wish this was in my backyard

As good as we could get of the whole group!

All the kiddos, minus my 4 year old who was pretty grouchy:(

My favorite!!

Can't wait till we can go back and do this trip again!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Class of 1989

This past weekend was pretty busy!  My husband had his 20 year high school class reunion!  WOW!  20 years my how time flies!  It began on Friday with a get together @ a classmates home and on Saturday they had a dinner and dance.  Jimmy had a great time seeing old friends and catching up with what everyone was doing!  Some of his classmates he still gets to see, and also he graduated with my sister so she was there too.  I was Class of 1992 so my time will be coming soon enough (hopefully I can lose some weight by then)!  I knew a lot of people there because of my sister, and because Jimmy and I have been together for 18 years.  We had  a lot of fun and he had a great group in his class.  Can't wait to see what the next 20 years are like.  They will probably have a 25th reunion, since everyone had so much fun.  Here are a few pictures from the weekend:)  GO RAIDERS!!!

Me and Jimmy Friday night fun:)

Ready for the class reunion

Here we are with are good friends Matt and Leah
Jimmy and Matt have been friends since their freshman year and he has known Leah since elementary
We spend a lot of time with these guys and they have 3 children also.

Here is my beautiful sister and her husband!