Thursday, October 29, 2009

-Trick or Treat-

Trick or Treating has always been great in our small town.  Everybody knows each other and wants to see all the ghosts and goblins.  Also a lot of the local community churches participate in "Trunk or Treat"--this is where everyone gathers @ the church or a local park and decorates their trunk for Halloween and the kids go from car to car to get candy.  Sometimes the churches even have chili suppers, games, and fellowship!  You can imagine with 3 kids how much candy we get---and most of it we do not need HA!  We have so much fun on Halloween, and I am glad this year it falls on Saturday--however there is a chance of rain so I hope it is not to yucky! Boo!!  This week over @ Kelly's Korner she is hosting Halloween Costumes--past and present, so I decided to share some pictures of my kids and their costumes!

Halloween 2007
Andrea as a cowgirl, Sarah as Hannah Montana, and Nate as a cowboy!
This seems like just the other day!  Sigh!!!

Halloween 2008

When I grow up I am going to be a fire-fighter!  That is all Nate talks about!

Little Miss Andrea loves to be in the kitchen, so she decided to be a chef!
Costume was $1.00--I added a little flour to her face--she loved it!

This girl wanted to be a "HIPPIE" and here is what we came up with!

*Here is a preview of 2009*

Nate has watched Peter Pan several times, so that is what he wanted to be!
A close friend had this costume and let us borrow it--thanks Mel!

Andrea had the idea to be a baby and this is what we created!

Big Sis--wanted to dress like she is at a sleepover!
I think for Halloween we will put her hair up in rollers! HA!

Happy Halloween!!
Thanks for stopping by and have a safe night!!!


Tina said...

Hi! Love your blog, I am visiting from kelly's.
I think my favorite costume is the baker! We have this same set that we picked up at the dollar tree to use for baking!!
Also, looks like you've got some great ideas for this year!
Hope y'all have fun, and hopefully the rain will not fall on either of us!!

Heather said...

my girl loves to be in the kitchen too! These pictures are all so cute, you have beautiful children!

Paige said...

I love these pictures! Your kiddos are adorable! I love the chef and the peter pan! Adorable.

Summer said...

Hi I'm visiting from Kelly's! I love the baker costume! How adorable! You have very cute kids!
Summer :0)

Paige said...

Western Kentucky?!
How strange!
I am from that area!

Shoshanah said...

I found your blog from Kelly's Korner as well! I think adding the flour to the baker's costume was a great addition!