Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall Break Fun

We enjoyed a 4 day trip to The Smoky Mountains in Tennessee for our Fall Break.  This was a last minute trip we decided to take.  The kids were so excited and we were too.  It had been 5 years since we had been there last, and we used to go there every year.  We met 2 other couples and their children, for a total of 14 people staying in a cabin up on the mountain.  It was so nice to get away and spend time with some of our best friends.  Our cabin was really nice and we saved money by cooking all our meals there (our friends Leah and Sheila love to cook) YUM!!!  We stayed at the cabin a lot and just relaxed, visited and let the kids play.  We spent one full day traveling through Cades Cove, which is some of the most beautiful land I have ever seen.  We also went on a hike on one of the trails there, that was close to 2 miles all together.  We saw a lot of deer and turkey :) but no cute little bears (maybe next time)!  We couldn't finish the trip without a stop @ The Apple Barn!  This is a great place for everyone in the family.  The kids like the candy and ice cream shop--so did the grown ups (apple cobbler with vanilla ice cream YUM!!)  I love the Christmas shop (I got a Christmas ornament to remember our trip, and a candle that smells oh--so good (macintosh apple).  We usually eat @ the Apple Barn farmhouse restaurant, but didn't because of the crowd---I guess we will have to go back for that!  I am going to share some of our pictures---my kids are in a stage right now where they don't want to be beside each other and smile for the camera UGHH!!!  After many battles I got a few good pictures of them, but not as many as I had hoped.  So enjoy our memories:)

A room with a view

Here is our cabin we stayed in

Don't let the smiles fool ya!


I wish this was in my backyard

As good as we could get of the whole group!

All the kiddos, minus my 4 year old who was pretty grouchy:(

My favorite!!

Can't wait till we can go back and do this trip again!!


Joyce said...

Hi...I loved looking at your husband is from Maryville TN (my in laws are still there) so we've spent lots of time in the Smoky Mtns. and Cades Cove...the cabin looks that in Townsend? My sister in law and brother in law own a lovely cabin in Townsend and we spend every other Christmas there with that side of the family... Such a beautiful spot! Looks like a fun trip.

My dog is a Gordon Setter (like an Irish setter but the Gordons are black and tan and supposedly not quite as high strung as the Irish setters : ) The Gordon is the Scottish setter. She has a wonderful disposition and is generally well behaved. She's a bird dog though so don't get in her way when she's on the hunt! I guess every breed has their little quirks : )

Oh, and your kids are adorable!

Crystal said...

Since I just found your blog this morning, I was looking around. We live in NC, but my family lives in Louisville, KY and we meet in Gatlinburg every summer. We love the Apple Barn!