Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sharing Recipes Part II

This is another recipe that I get requests for quite often.  It is a perfect comfort food/side dish for family gatherings, church meals, or work pot-lucks.  I first tried this recipe after a co-worker shared it with me and also have found it in an old church cookbook(some of my favorite recipes come from these kind of cookbooks)!  This is how to make Sour Cream Potatoes:)  I think it could also be called Mashed Baked Potatoes, just because it reminds me of the perfect baked potato with butter and sour cream!  ENJOY!!!  and let me know if you try it and like it--- 
6-8 large potatoes, sometimes I use more, don't have to be exact
1 stick of butter
1 pint of sour cream
8oz bar of cream cheese
small amount of garlic salt to taste
I also add 1/2 tsp. or so of pepper
(another variation is to use 2 tsp of onion salt instead of the garlic salt)
Cook and drain potatoes, then whip with all ingredients until blended well.  Pour in casserole or serving dish and bake @ 325' for 30 minutes.  

*When potatoes are almost done I sprinkle with cheddar cheese and bacon bits and return to oven until cheese melts:)
There you go:)  Let me know how you like it!  I hope to share more good recipes with you.  I like to cook, but sometimes with work, three kids, church, sports, homework etc. I don't cook as much as I should.  It is sometimes easy to get fast food, or fix things fast @ home and eat off the redneck china (paper plates)LOL!  Some of our best family times and conversations have been when we have took the extra time to have a good family meal @ the kitchen table instead of on the run.   


Anonymous said...

looks yummy!

JOYfilled Family said...

i'm going to give these a try!
thanks for sharing.
pax - lena

sweetjeanette said...

This would definitely be on hubby's top list! Thanks for sharing.