Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Door Tour


Lianna @ Growing Our Own Garden is hosting her 2nd Annual Christmas Door Tour, so I have decided to participate:)

Please excuse the front door that needs painting HA!  This will go on the to-do list!  A few weeks ago my dear husband was hanging the icicle lights, and I worked on the front door!  (Thank you to my mom for getting this new great ribbon for all our wreaths)  LOVE IT!!  I used a lot of stuff we already had and went with a red/white theme!  I just spray painted a grapevine wreath white added red/white ribbon and I already had the santa.  The sticks I found in our backyard and spray painted them white!  We have wreaths on all the windows and at night you can see the tree through the side lights of the door.

Here is how it looks from further out!  Although it is simple I love how it turned out--we also have wooden candy canes along the sidewalk leading to the front door.

I made this around 4 years ago and it is hanging on the side door!  I had seen another version of this in Southern Living magazine and thought it would be so easy!  Just buy small, medium, and larger grapevine wreaths and attach together with floral wire!  I spray painted it white and added one on my old scarfs!  He will hang out until Spring:)

*P.S. Sorry about the picture--I had to run outside and take it tonight and it is freezing here!  Brrrrrrr!


Jacquelin said...

Very pretty! Love that snowman idea on the side door. I didn't even think to decorate my side door.

PEA said...

I just love how you decorated your front door, that wreath is super cute! Your home looks so welcoming, I really love the idea of wreaths on all the windows. As for your snowman wreath on your sidedoor, it's absolutely delightful!! Will have to keep that idea in mind:-) Merry Christmas! xo

Erin said...

I love your outside decorations!! So cute!!!

Ben and Emily said...

Pretty! I love the snowman idea...very creative!

Tina said...

I think your decorations look great. Your pics are alot better than mine!!! I love how the red ribbon shows up so well from further out. And the snowman wreath is a great idea!!