Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pioneer Woman Can Cook on GMA

I love to watch Good Morning America---so this morning I was off work and was surprised when I found out that The Pioneer Woman would be appearing and sharing her recipes!  I found her blog about a year ago and like many of you became a big fan!  She has also appeared in Southern Living magazine.  I haven't bought her cookbook yet but I have plans to purchase it soon and try out some of her recipes! 

If you haven't had a chance to visit her website, just click on over and check it out!  I promise you will love it!  She cooks, writes stories, shows off her photography, raises 4 kids and lives on a real ranch, and loves to talk about her hunk of a hubby that she calls "the Marlboro Man"


Joyce said...

I got her cookbook for Christmas and love it. It's also filled with lots of photographs from the ranch and they are beautiful. I've tried quite a few recipes and so far they've all been hits at my house.

The sun is shining so I'm hoping a little of this snow melts today. It's really pretty with the sun shining on it but I'm done now.

Anonymous said...

Just started blogging and love your site! Possibly because I noticed the WKU gear in the picture! I'm a WKU alumni, and I live only 30 minutes away!!